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A chance to improve end-of-life care

Ben Bowers, Stephen Barclay, (2019), British Journal of Community Nursing, 24

Venous thromboembolism in patients with gout and the impact of hospital admission, disease duration and urate-lowering therapy

Journal article

Alyshah Abdul Sultan, Sara Muller, Rebecca Whittle, Edward Roddy, Christian Mallen and Lorna Clarson, (2019), CMAJ, 22

Getting anticipatory prescribing right in end-of-life care

Journal article

Ben Bowers, Alison White, (2019), Palliative Care, 24

Anticipatory syringe drivers: a step too far

Journal article

Ben Bowers, Richella Ryan, Sarah Hoare, Kristian Pollock and Stephen Barclay, (2019), BMJ Supportive & Palliative Care, 4

Secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease: Time to rethink stratification of disease severity?

Journal article

Ralph K Akyea, Joe Kai, Nadeem Qureshi, Hasidah Abdul Hamid, Stephen F Weng, (2019), European Journal of Preventative Cardiology

Using out-of-office blood pressure measurements in established cardiovascular risk scores: a secondary analysis of data from two blood pressure monitoring studies

Journal article

Sarah Lay-Flurrie, Richard Stevens, Peter de Leeuw, Abraham Kroon, Sheila Greenfield, Mohammed Mohammed, Paramjit Gill, Willem Verberk and Richard McManus, (2019), BJGP

Drinking in later life: a systematic review and thematic synthesis of qualitative studies exploring older people’s perceptions and experiences

Bethany Kate Bareham Eileen Kaner Liam Patrick Spencer Barbara Hanratty, (2019), Age and Ageing

Detection of familial hypercholesterolaemia: external validation of the FAMCAT clinical case-finding algorithm to identify patients in primary care

Journal article

Stephen Weng, Joe Kai, Ralph Akyea, Nadeem Qureshi, (2019), The Lancet Public Health, 4, 256 - 264

The elicitation and management of multiple health concerns in GP consultations

Journal article

Beth Stuart, Geraldine Leydon, Catherine Woods, Elizabeth Gennery, Christopher Elsey, Rachael Summers, Fiona Stevenson, Carolyn Chew-Graham, Rebecca Barnes, Paul Drew, Michael Moore, Paul Little, (2019), Patient, Education and Counseling, 104, 687 - 693

Persistent unexplained physical symptoms: a prospective longitudinal cohort study in UK primary care

Journal article

Kethakie Lamahewa, Marta Buszewicz, Kate Walters, Louise Marston and Irwin Nazareth, (2019), BJGP, 69, 246 - 253

Patients’ understanding of cellulitis and their information needs: a mixed-methods study in primary and secondary care

Journal article

Emma Teasdale, Anna Lalonde, Ingrid Muller, Joanne Chalmers, Peter Smart, Julie Hooper, Magdy El-Gohary, Kim S Thomas and Miriam Santer, (2019), BJGP, 69, 279 - 286

A scholarship to foster future leaders in evidence based medicine

Journal article

Georgia Richards, (2019), BMJ

What is the evidence that people with frailty have needs for palliative care at the end of life? A systematic review and narrative synthesis

Journal article

Daniel Stow, Gemma Spiers, Fiona E Matthews, Barbara Hanratty, (2019), Palliative Medicine

A discursive exploration of public perspectives on placebos and their effects

Journal article

Doug I Hardman, Adam WA Geraghty, Jeremy Howick, Nia Roberts, Felicity L Bishop, (2019), Health Psychology Open, 6

Adverse Events from Emollient Use in Eczema: A Restricted Review of Published Data

Journal article

Alisha Bhanot, Alyson Huntley, Matthew J. Ridd, (2019), Dermatology and Therapy, 1 - 16

Trends in survival after a diagnosis of heart failure in the United Kingdom 2000-2017: population based cohort study

Clare J Taylor, José M Ordóñez-Mena, Andrea K Roalfe, Sarah Lay-Flurrie, Nicholas R Jones, Tom Marshall, F D Richard Hobbs, (2019), BMJ, 364

Health indicator recording in UK primary care electronic health records: key implications for handling missing data

Journal article

Petersen I, Welch CA, Nazareth I, Walters K, Marston L, Morris RW, Carpenter JR, Morris TP, Pham TM, (2019), Clinical Epidemiology, 11, 157 - 167

Stop smoking practitioner consensus on barriers and facilitators to smoking cessation in pregnancy and how to address these: A modified Delphi survey

Journal article

Libby Fergie, Katarzyna A.Campbell, Tom Coleman-Haynes, Michael Ussher, Sue Cooper, Tim Coleman, (2019), Addictive Behaviors Reports

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