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Characteristics of patients with giant cell arteritis who experience visual symptoms

Journal article

Chung Shen Chean, James A. Prior, Toby Helliwell, John Belcher, Sarah L. Mackie, Samantha L. Hider, Jennifer Liddle, Christian D. Mallen, (2019), Rheumatology International, 1 - 8

Treating postoperative pain? Avoid tramadol, long-acting opioid analgesics and long-term use

Journal article

Georgia C Richards, (2019), EBM Verdict: Surgery, 0

Designing and developing a co-produced theoretical and evidence-based online support for family caregivers of people with dementia at the end of life

Nathan Davies, Jenny Hopwood, Nina Walker, Jamie Ross, Steve Iliffe, Kate Walters & Greta Rait , (2019), BMC Palliative Care, 71

Patient preferences for management of high blood pressure in the UK: a discrete choice experiment

Journal article

Benjamin Fletcher, Lisa Hinton, Richard McManus and Oliver Rivero-Arias, (2019), BJGP

Communication practices for delivering health behaviour change conversations in primary care: a systematic review and thematic synthesis

Journal article

C. Albury, A. Hall, A. Syed, S. Ziebland, E. Stokoe, N. Roberts, H. Webb & P. Aveyard , (2019), BMC Family Practice, 20

Behavioural analysis of postnatal physical activity in the UK according to the COM-B model: a multi-methods study

Journal article

Kate Ellis, Sally Pears, Stephen Sutton, (2019), Public Health Research, 9

HATRIC: a study of Pelargonium sidoides root extract EPs®7630 (Kaloba®) for the treatment of acute cough due to lower respiratory tract infection in adults—study protocol for a double blind, placebo-controlled randomised feasibility trial

Journal article

Amy Whitehead, Catherine Simpson, Merlin Willcox, Frances Webley, Alastair D. Hay, Chris Butler, Lily Yao, Emma Wrixon, Margaret Bell, Jennifer Bostock, Paul Little, Gareth Griffiths & Michael Moore , (2019), Pilot and Feasibility Studies, 58

The key aspects of online support that older family carers of people with dementia want at the end of life: A qualitative study

Nathan Davies, Steve Iliffe, Jenny Hopwood, Nina Walker, Jamie Ross, Greta Rait & Kate Walters, (2019), Aging & Mental Health

The comorbidity burden of type 2 diabetes mellitus: patterns, clusters and predictions from a large English primary care cohort

Journal article

Magdalena Nowakowska, Salwa S. Zghebi, Darren M. Ashcroft, Iain Buchan, Carolyn Chew-Graham, Tim Holt, Christian Mallen, Harm Van Marwijk, Niels Peek, Rafael Perera-Salazar, David Reeves, Martin K. Rutter, Stephen F. Weng, Nadeem Qureshi, Mamas A. Mamas & Evangelos Kontopantelis , (2019), BMC, 145 (2019)

Polypharmacy patterns in the last year of life in patients with dementia

Journal article

Rachel Denholm, Richard Morris, Rupert Payne, (2019), European Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, 1 - 9

The influence of training experiences on career intentions of the future GP workforce: a qualitative study of new GPs in England

Journal article

Sharon Spooner, Louise Laverty and Kath Checkland, (2019), BJGP, 69

Biomarkers for diagnosing serious bacterial infections in older outpatients: a systematic review

Journal article

Oghenekome A. Gbinigie, Igho J. Onakpoya, Georgia C. Richards, Elizabeth A. Spencer, Constantinos Koshiaris, Niklas Bobrovitz & Carl J. Heneghan , (2019), BMC Geriatrics, 190

Understanding the influence of parent clinician communication on antibiotic prescribing for children with respiratory tract infections in primary care: a qualitative observational study using a conversation analysis approach

Journal article

Christie Cabral, Jeremy Horwood, Jon Symonds, Jenny Ingram, Patricia J. Lucas, Niamh M. Redmond,Joe Kai, Alastair D. Hay and Rebecca K. Barnes, (2019), BMC Family Practice

Women's views on screening for Type 2 diabetes after gestational diabetes: a systematic review, qualitative synthesis and recommendations for increasing uptake

Journal article

R.A. Dennison, R.A. Fox R.J. Ward S.J. Griffin J.A. Usher‐Smith, (2019), Diabetic Medicine

Prevalence, severity, and nature of preventable patient harm across medical care settings: systematic review and meta-analysis

Journal article

Maria Panagioti, Kanza Khan, Richard N Keers, Aseel Abuzour, Denham Phipps, Evangelos Kontopantelis, Peter Bower, Stephen Campbell, Razaan Haneef, Anthony J Avery, Darren M Ashcroft., (2019), BMJ

Health care professionals’ views towards self-management and self-management education for people with type 2 diabetes

Journal article

Jamie Ross, Fiona A Stevenson, Charlotte Dack, Kingshuk Pal, Carl R May, Susan Michie, Lucy Yardley, Elizabeth Murray, (2019), Diabetes and Endocrinology

Using mHealth for the management of hypertension in UK primary care: an embedded qualitative study of the TASMINH4 randomised controlled trial

Journal article

Sabrina Grant, James Hodgkinson, Claire Schwartz, Peter Bradburn, Marloes Franssen, FD Richard Hobbs, Sue Jowett, Richard J McManus and Sheila Greenfield, (2019), BJGP

Hope, Agency, and the Lived Experience of Violence: A Qualitative Systematic Review of Children’s Perspectives on Domestic Violence and Abuse

Journal article

Lisa Arai, Ali Heawood, Gene Feder, Emma Howarth, Harriet MacMillan, Theresa H. M. Moore, Nicky Stanley, Alison Gregory, (2019), Trauma, Violence, and Abuse

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