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The impact of public participants in data analysis has been reported, but there is little research on public involvement of analysis of naturally occurring interactional data. Four video recordings of clinicians from out of hours primary care services visiting care home residents with dementia were analysed in data sessions involving 12 people with dementia, seven carers, and two Alzheimer’s Society group facilitators. Participants were able to apply conversation analysis practices in their observations of the data, grounding their comments in the transcripts and video recordings. They also provided contextual insights, comments on how to improve communication, and application to their own personal experience. The data sessions allowed reflection on what public involvement can add to interaction analysis, how to enable people with dementia to have a voice in research, and how best to balance the power between researchers and public contributors.

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International Journal of Social Research Methodology


International Journal of Social Research Methodology

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Dementia, patient and public involvement, co-production, qualitative analysis, conversation analysis