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UCL ENDEMIC: deMENtia and Decision Making during Covid19 Nathan Davies
UCL Recommendations for the facilitation of clinical Med Ed during the COVID pandemic Yathavan Premadasan
UCL Covid-19: Burden and impact in care homes Laura Shallcross

Drug policy and coronavirus

Those using drugs problematically need support during the current Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic, as they are amongst the most vulnerable members of society, argues a letter to the Times signed by Honorary Clinical Reader Dr Adam Winstock.

New study into psychological and social effects of Covid-19

A study led by Dr Daisy Fancourt (UCL Behavioural Science & Health) is looking into the psychological and social effects of Covid-19 in the UK.

Preventing and containing Covid-19 outbreaks in prisons

Reducing Covid-19 coronavirus spread by “moving the most vulnerable prisoners to less-crowded parts of the prison system, where outbreaks are easier to prevent and contain…could save many lives,” explains Professor Andrew Hayward.

We must not return to status quo after coronavirus

The current Covid-19 pandemic has shown that austerity was a choice and that things can be done differently if the political will is there and the same sense of crisis should be applied to the climate emergency, argues Professor Sir Michael Marmot.

Take part in research: An exploration of the impact of Covid-19 on dementia care in Black and Minority Ethnic groups