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BMJ Editorial: Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and covid-19  Paul Little

Germ Defence: A digital behaviour change intervention to improve infection control. Lucy Yardley and Paul Little


COVID-19 primary care database consortium was established in April 2020 across seven academic departments (including five within the SPCR). Collectively, its researchers have ongoing COVID-19 projects in overlapping datasets with millions of primary care records representing 30% of the UK population, that are variously linked to public health, secondary care and vital status records.

Bristol/Southampton Reducing risks from coronavirus transmission in the home—the role of viral load Lucy Yardley
Bristol/Southampton Implementation of a digital behavioural change intervention to improve hand hygiene Lucy Yardley
Southampton CERAbTc-19 (Clinical Evaluation of Rapid Antibody Test for Covid-19) Merlin Willcox
Southampton CERrnaTc-19 (Clinical Evaluation of Rapid RNA Test for Covid-19) Merlin Willcox
Southampton Possible risk of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for COVID-19 symptoms Paul Little
Southampton COVID trial at Home Nick Francis
Southampton COVID -19 virtual hospital Prognostic study (COVPRO) Nick Francis
Southampton Empathica: Expectation Management for Patients in Primary Care: Developing and Feasibility Testing a New Digital Intervention for Practitioners Hazel Everitt
Southampton ACE-Inhibitors/Angiotensin Receptor Blockers and risk of death for people infected with COVID-19: a prospective cohort study Hajira Dambha-Miller
Southampton Drug therapies that can up or downregulate ACE2 receptors in COVID-19 infection: A systematic review Hajira Dambha-Miller
Southampton A consensus statement on the use of primary care big data in COVID-19 Hajira Dambha-Miller

Online survey on Covid-19

Nick Francis and Merlin Willcox