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SPCR Masterclass: Conducting a systematic review

Title: Conducting a systematic review 

Speakers: Tanimola Martins, Melissa Barlow and Wawa Chen     

When: 16th Feb 1pm - 4pm 

How: Online  

Summary:  The systematic review master class is designed for postgraduate students (MSc and PhD), early-career researchers, or researchers embarking on their first-ever systematic review. It will cover aspects of bibliographic database search, optimizing study selection, risk of bias assessment, data extraction and analysis/synthesis (narrative and meta-analysis), and the use of software. 

Target audience: Postgraduate and early-career researchers, or anyone new to systematic review from across the SPCR Membership 

About the Speakers:

  • Tanimola is a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Exeter Medical School, where he also serves as a Lecturer in Postgraduate Education. He has a background in Clinical Rehabilitation and Public Health and holds a PhD in ethnic inequality in the diagnosis of symptomatic cancer. His workstream aims to identify and quantify sociodemographic differences in primary care diagnosis of cancer, with the intention of formulating appropriate interventions to address such inequalities. He has led and contributed to several systematic reviews.
  • Melissa Barlow is a PhD Student and Research Assistant at the University of Exeter. She has led three well-received systematic reviews and has experience with both meta-analysis and narrative synthesis.
  • Ge Chen (Wawa) is a PhD student in University of Bristol and Research Assistant at the University of Exeter. She has led two systematic reviews and meta-analysis, and participated several systematic reviews on varied topics.