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Heading for PPI webinar 17 March 22

The NIHR Schools for Primary Care Research, Public Health Research and Social Care Research are pleased to present the webinar series “Diversity and involvement: whom to involve?”. After a first session on engaging and working with young people, the second session will be about involving people living with dementia and learning difficulties in research. 

The webinar will take place Thursday 17th March 11.00-12.15. You will hear from two speakers, sharing their experiences and tips of working with people with lived experience.

Dr Jemima Dooley (University of Bristol):

Jemima Dooley is a Senior Research Associate at the University of Bristol. She is a strong advocate that research will always be improved by including the ‘researched’ in the research process, and this is particularly the case in dementia. As part of her NIHR launching fellowship exploring urgent care in dementia, she included people living with and with experience of dementia in her scoping review of the literature and in conversation analysis of video recordings of urgent care consultations in dementia. She also worked with a group of researchers with dementia in co-producing a photovoice project exploring post-diagnosis care, and have other ongoing projects with this group. She will talk about her experiences in working with people with dementia and how they have shaped these different projects, as well as practical suggestions for how to support people with dementia in this. Some of her colleagues with dementia will also provide their perspectives.

Prof Rachel Fyson (University of Nottingham):

Rachel Fyson is Professor of Social Work at the University of Nottingham. Prior to becoming an academic she spent over a decade working in services providing direct care and support for people with learning disabilities. Since becoming an academic she has worked on a range of research projects involving people with learning disabilities as both participants and co-researchers. Her presentation will make the case for why it is important to include people with learning disabilities in research and will offer advice about how to do this. 


Researchers and research teams from all backgrounds are welcome to join. You'll be required to register:

This session will be recorded and made publicly available after the event as a training resource on NIHR Research Schools’ websites and social media. If you register for the event you will agree with its recording. If you have any questions, please reach out via