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When: Thursday 9th May 2024 (11am-12pm)

How: Online, MS Teams



The NIHR Advanced Fellowship (AF) is a post-doctoral level award, which can be utilised at several specific points of a researcher’s career development. Whether you are someone who has recently been or about to be awarded a PhD, or someone with several years of postdoctoral experience you will be eligible to apply for an AF. The fellowship is between 2 and 5 years and can be completed on a full-time or part-time basis.

What does the session involve?

  • Find out more about the NIHR Advanced Fellowship; including the application and assessment process and funding and support available
  • Hear from the Chair of the NIHR Advanced Fellowship committee about what they are looking for in an application, as well as some hints and tips!
  • Hear from a recent NIHR Advanced Fellowship award holder about their research career journey and experiences of the award
  • Q&A with panel


  • Rosie Padley, Senior Programme Manager, NIHR Academy
  • Professor Umesh Kadam, Professor of General Practice and Public Health Research, University of Exeter and Chair of the NIHR Advanced Fellowship Committee
  • NIHR Advanced Fellowship award holder - Dr Rachel Spencer. Rachel is a GP and just about to start the final year of her AF award. Her research title is “GP Management After Transition Events (GP-MATE) - Developing an intervention to assist older patients’ communication with their GP practice after discharge from hospital in order to improve patient safety”. 

Target audience:

SPCR 3rd Year PhD students, as well as SPCR member based colleagues who are considering applying for an NIHR Advanced Fellowship