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Webinar: Impact and Qualitative Research October 4th 2-3.30pm

Learn about the different ways qualitative research can lead to impact in general practice, health policy and quality improvement, as well as what impact means according to the Research Excellence Framework (REF).

This 1.5 hour webinar is being delivered by the NIHR supported Incubator for Methodology. It will include five short presentations and a Q&A with the speakers.

It is relevant to anyone with an interest in qualitative research, mixed methods research and team science. It is aimed at all career stages and levels of expertise, as well as those who support the careers of health and social care researchers.

Attend this webinar to learn more about:

  • types of impact that can be generated from qualitative research
  • how to design and disseminate qualitative research studies to achieve impact
  • how qualitative research is described in REF impact case studies

Speakers include:

  • Professor Carolyn Chew-Graham OBE, Professor of General Practice Research, Keele University
  • Professor Sara Shaw, Professor of Health Policy & Practice, University of Oxford
  • Professor Louise Locock, Professor in Health Services Research, University of Aberdeen
  • Professor Krysia Dziedzic, Director of Keele Impact Accelerator Unit, Keele University
  • Members of the Methodology Incubator Impact team

Register for the webinar here