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NIHR Webinar | Optimising Performance

Learn three new rules to optimise your performance at the NIHR webinar on 4 March from 1-2pm. 

Leaders who want to optimise performance need to change their mindset and focus time and energy on the right things.

This is according to global leader in skills-based solutions training, Cappfinity, who are holding a one-hour webinar on how to optimise performance open to NIHR Academy Members/leaders and publicly funded organisations conducting and supporting clinical research within the UK.

To optimise performance, leaders need to learn three new rules:

1. Prioritise - focus on efficiency by reconsidering what is important and what is urgent

2. Protect - know when and how to set boundaries and relinquish control, creating capacity to flourish

3. Prepare - be ready for the unexpected and become comfortable with being uncomfortable

By attending this 60-minute webinar you will:

- reconsider the traditional rules of leadership and how to change this mindset to optimise performance

- discover a new and counterintuitive way to plan and prioritise tasks to become more efficient and focused

- appreciate the importance of setting boundaries to protect your time and learn a simple way to delegate more successfully

- recognise the limitations of autopilot thinking and how to feel prepared in an ever changing, uncertain environment

- plan how you can bring what you learnt to life in your roles and what actions you can take to optimise performance