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© Photo by Chris Montgomery on Unsplash

Join this SPCR workshop to learn more about using the Person-Based Approach for primary care interventions with a behavioural component. 

About this event

The internationally recognised Person-Based Approach (PBA) describes iterative methods for planning, optimising, evaluating and implementing behavioural health interventions that can successfully engage diverse users and support better health-related outcomes. The PBA offers practical methods of carrying out many of the key intervention development activities recommended by the new MRC and INDEX guidance for developing interventions, such as involving stakeholders, understanding context, and developing a programme theory. See for more detail.

This workshop will be relevant to everyone interested in modifying health behaviours, especially those involved in the development, evaluation or implementation of health interventions with behavioural components, such as health promotion, patient self-management, or clinicians delivering healthcare services. The organisers expect the workshop to be of interest to clinical and non-clinical researchers from multiple disciplines as well as other stakeholders involved in implementation and dissemination of interventions.


You can register via For any questions, please contact the organiser Dr Ingrid Muller (