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Text reads NIHR; School for Primary Care Research. Three Research Schools - Seminar Series. PPI in the PRIORITY study: Health inequalities in People with seveRe mental Illnesses: Impact of antipsychOtic tReatments and social Inequalities on long Term phYsical health. 24 May 2023, 12:00 - 13:00, Juan Carlos Bazo Alvarez, UCL

Image of hand holding a blue virtual head which has been digitally mapped out.


PPI in the PRIORITY* study  

*Health inequalities in People with seveRe mental Illnesses: Impact of antipsychOtic tReatments and social Inequalities on long Term phYsical health 

Please join us for the next session in our 2023 online seminar series on improving mental health and wellbeing in underserved populations through collaborative research. For the full programme of events please see our Three Research Schools webinar page All previous webinars are available to view on the same webpage. 

Please address enquiries, and requests to join the any of the below seminars, to Krysia Canvin,