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This year we will be presenting the following prizes at the event

Best blog written by a trainee

The blog was judged on the following criteria:

-          the topic is relevant to primary care and relate to a current issue or discussion

-          the writing style provides personal elements as well as academic/professional reflections

-          the blog will contribute to learning around a particular topic/area of research

-          the blog is structured with clear focus and cohesion

-          the blog uses links to secondary sources and current online content from academic sources or the media

-          appropriate and interesting use of images has been used to complement and illustrate the text

-          the author has provided critical analysis and encouraged debate

Best example of Innovation in Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement

The award was judged on the following criteria:

-          innovative or ground-breaking methods for involving patients and the public

-          relevant to the research question

-          how it will impact on a research study or research area

-          steps taken to ensure the representativeness and appropriateness of the people involved

-          how individual patients or members of the public are identified and enlisted

-          how the impact of PPI is recorded and evaluated

-          how individual patients or members of the public are supported