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Succeeding as a female academic

Title: Succeeding as a female academic

Speaker: Katrina Turner

When: 6 March, 1-2pm

How: Online 

About the Speaker:  Katrina is Professor of Primary Care Research, Head of the Centre for Academic Primary Care at Bristol University, and Head of Section of Applied Health Research in the Bristol Medical School. Last year she was made an Honorary Fellow of the Royal College of General Practitioners. Katrina is a primary care scientist with expertise in integrating qualitative studies within randomised controlled trials or programme grants to develop and evaluate complex health interventions. Katrina is proud of the fact that she has established a successful career alongside being a single parent and, at times, working part-time.  Katrina is passionate about working well, as well as working hard, and working in a way that allows a good work-life balance.  During the masterclass Katrina will share her experiences of being a female academic and describe what she has learnt. The masterclass will be interactive with individuals being asked to complete activities, and with time allocated for questions and open discussion. 

Target audience / limit: 12