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SPCR Masterclass | When things go wrong

Title: What to do when things go wrong

Speakers: Gene Feder

When: 7th March 2pm - 3pm

How: Online  


Summary: The course of research studies is (almost) never smooth. Things can go wrong in the design, conduct, analysis, reporting, and mobilisation of findings. Sometimes these are unavoidable, although in my experience, they are often due to mistakes and could have been prevented. In this masterclass, I will draw on mistakes I have made over the past 35 years in a wide range of primary care studies, drawing out how they could have been prevented or mitigated. Learning from other people's mistakes is probably less effective than learning from your own, so I will also discuss how analysis of mistakes can reduce the likelihood of repeating them. 

About the Speaker: I am a professor of primary health care at the Centre for Academic Primary Care, Bristol Medical School. My research started with the health and healthcare of Traveller Gypsies, followed by studies on the development and implementation of clinical guidelines, management of chronic respiratory and cardiovascular conditions in primary care and the health impact of domestic violence. My current research focuses on healthcare responses to domestic and sexual violence globally. My methodological expertise is in randomised controlled trials and systematic reviews, also collaborating with epidemiologists and social scientists on cohort and qualitative studies respectively. 

Target audience: SPCR Member and wider with interest in topic area