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Trainee Kieran Ayling led a group to win the runner-up prize for 'Best Group Health Research Funding Application' at the fifth NIHR Experimental Medicine Research Training Camp this year

Attracting health research funding runner up prize
Back row: Maximilian Johnston, Patient Safety Translational Research Centre: Imperial; Kieran Ayling, NIHR School of Primary Care Research; Alexandros Georgiadis, NIHR CLAHRC South West Peninsula; Christos Petridis, BRC Guy's and St Thomas; Front row: Bethan Monk, BRU Bristol: Cardiovascular; Prof. Catherine Exley, Newcastle University; Helen Barratt, NIHR CLAHRC North Thames.

Doctoral students Priyanka Chandratre, University of Keele, and Kieran Ayling, University of Nottingham, were selected to represent the School at the NIHR Research Training Camp “Developing Your Post-doctoral Career: Attracting Health Research Funding”. They write about their experiences in a SPCR blog.

Overall, the training camp was a fantastic, if intense, experience. We got an insight into the trials and tribulations of grant application writing and meeting other NIHR trainees and working closely together in such a beautiful setting was a fun and rewarding experience. There were plenty of networking opportunities over scrumptious dinners too! If you get the chance to go to something like this in the future, we’d highly recommend it! - Kieran and Priyanka