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The North American Primary Care Research Group's (NAPCRG) 43rd annual meeting is currently taking place in Cancun, Mexico where primary care researchers and trainees are gathering to present SPCR funded studies.

For the first time, the NAPCRG programme committee have invited applications from primary care researchers who have yet to yield findings. The 'Late-Breaking High Impact Research Category' is a new option for researchers intended for high impact and/or large studies that are in the process of gathering data, and will have data collection and analysis completed in time for presentation at the fall meeting. 

Distinguished paper award

Grace Moran won the Distinguished Paper Award this year. This is the first year of the award which selects authors from the top twenty rated abstracts and reviews their publications. Final papers are selected for presentation at the conference. SPCR trainee, Grace Moran,  presented her paper on Sunday afternoon.

Missed Opportunities for Prevention of Stroke and Transient Ischaemic Attack (TIA) in Primary Care

Grace Moran; Melanie Calvert; Max Feltham; Tom Marshall; Ronan Ryan

CMAJ blog

Highlights of NAPCRG 2015 by Domhnall MacAuley mentions Grace's presentation.

Other School funded presentations due to take place this week include:

The Association Between Hand Problems and Mental Health Characteristics in Older People Over 3 Years of Follow Up

Daniel Green; Kelvin Jordan, PhD; Joanne Protheroe, PhD, FRCGP; Danielle Van der Windt

Barriers and Enablers for the Adoption of Patient Safety Tools to Improve Patient Safety in UK Primary Care

Katherine Perryman, PhD, MSc; Kate Marsden, MSc, MRes; Lucy Doos; Ian Litchfield; Sheila Greenfield; Stephen Campbell, PhD; Anthony Avery

Patient Experience and Understanding of Medication Safety in Primary Care

Sally Giles, BA, PhD; Darren Ashcroft; Anthony Avery; Mark Jeffries; Penny Lewis; Faith Mann; Kate Marsden, MSc, MRes; Jackie Nightingale; Denham Phipps

Developing, Testing and Implementing the NIHR School for Primary Care Research Patient Safety Toolkit in General Practices in England

Kate Marsden, MSc, MRes; Katherine Perryman, PhD, MSc; Stephen Campbell, PhD; Umesh Kadam; Brian Bell; Anthony Avery

Distinguishing Between Emotional Distress and Psychiatric Disorder in Primary Care Attenders

Adam Geraghty, PhD; Michael Moore, FRCGP; Beth Stuart; Anthony Kendrick, MD, FRCGP, FRCPsych; Paul Little, MD, MBBS, MCRP, MRCP; Berend Terluin, MD, PhD

Oral Steroids for Acute Cough (OSAC): A UK Multi-Centre, Placebo Controlled, Randomised Trial

Alastair Hay, MD, MRCP, FRCGP; Sara Brookes; Harriet Downing; Anthony Harnden, FRCGP, FRCPCH; Sandra Hollinghurst; Denise Kendrick; Paul Little, MD, MBBS, MCRP, MRCP; Margaret May; Michael Moore, FRCGP; Elizabeth Orton; Matthew Thompson, MD, MPH, DPhil; Kay Wang, DPhil



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