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The University of Newcastle's Professor Louise Robinson has been awarded a damehood for services to Primary Care and for improving older people's quality of life and care they receive.

Louise is SPCR Academic Lead and Director of Newcastle University’s Institute for Ageing, where academics, clinicians and researchers work on all aspects of ageing - from medical, biological and cellular, to psychosocial, economic and environmental aspects.

As director of the Institute, she looks after more than 700 academics and was a key figure in the successful £40m bid to Government for Newcastle University to host the National Innovation Centre for Ageing (NICA). NICA is among the first in the country to bring together business, academia and the public to develop innovative products and services that make older lives better.

Professor Robinson said: “I am overwhelmed and absolutely delighted to be recognised in this way for what, to me, has been not a job but a lifelong passion to improve the care of older people, especially those living with dementia."

Her research focuses not only on helping people remain healthy and independent for as long as possible, but also to facilitate healthy ageing across the life course, and she has led and contributed to more than 120 peer reviewed research papers focusing on these areas.

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