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We were delighted to welcome 85 delegates to Pembroke College, Oxford, for our Annual Trainees' Event on 9-10 September. We heard from speakers on topics ranging from how to succeed academically while maintaining life outside academia, to using databases in your research; tips on writing successful research grants, to conducting systematic reviews.

The elevator pitches highlighted the varied research currently being conducted by our trainees who have become very adept at summarising objectives, methods and findings and delivering them over a short space of time.

Ben Goldacre delivered an inspiring keynote address on research findings to date from The DataLab.

The twitter collection:

Really interesting few days. Great to discuss ideas with others, present my own work, and feeling very inspired for the final year of my PhD! Thanks to @NIHRSPCR

for organising such an enjoyable event! #spcrtrain19"

- Charlotte Archer

Some absolutely brilliant sessions today. Incredible range of research presented, great to hear so many perspectives."

- Charles Hay


Presentations will be available shortly

  • Writing tips from the Research Design Services
  • The Do's and Don'ts of writing a PhD/DPhil
  • Tips on writing successful research grants
  • Tips on writing successful fellowships
  • Personal career journey from a clinician
  • Personal career journey from a non-clinican
  • Public engagement workshop
  • Public involvement workshop
  • Research impact
  • Policy makers and funding services
  • Using QResearch-linked database to generate new knowledge and toold to improve patient care
  • Evidence Synthesis Working Group
  • The DataLab: what we've learnt from four years of turning data into tools as well as paper