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There are high expectations for the 44th North American Primary Care Research Group conference next week where topical primary care research, including the results of School funded studies, will be presented. With plenary, distinguished paper, oral and poster presentations, workshops and many social activities on offer, this year promises to be a great event.

SPCR researchers dominate the Acute Respiratory Infections theme with:

"Predicting Pneumonia in Primary Care: The 3C Cohort Study of Lower Respiratory Tract Infection in Primary Care" Michael Moore, Beth Stuart, Sue Smith, Kyle Knox, Ann Van den Bruel, Matthew J Thompson, Mark Lown, Paul S Little and David Mant.

"Oral Cortesteroids for Symptom Relief of Sore Throat: A Double-Blind Randomised Controlled Trial in UK Primary Care" Gail Hayward, Michael Moore, Alastair Hay, Paul S Little, Julie Allen, Johanna Cook, Sena Jawad, Merryn Voysey, Nicola Williams and Carl Heneghan.

"Prescribing Antibiotics to 'At-Risk' Children with Influenza-Like Illness in Primary Care: A Qualitative Study" Helen Frances Ashdown, Ulla Raisenen, Kay Wang, Sue Ziebland and Anthony Harndon.

"The Impact of an Immediate or Delayed Antibiotic Prescription on Reconsultations, Hospital Admissions and Death or Lower Respiratory Tract Infections: 3C Cohort Study in UK Primary CAre" Paul S Little, Kyle Knox, Mark Lown, Michael Moore, Sue Smith, Beth Stuart, Matthew J Thompson, Ann Van den Bruel and David Mant.

Other presentations include:

"AUtomated Risk Assessment for Stroke in Atrial Fibrillation (AURAS-AF) - An Automated Software System to Promote Anticoagulation and Reduce Stroke Risk: Cluster Randomised Controlled Trial and Process Evaluation" from Tim Holt, Andrew Dalton, Tom Marshall, Richard Hobbs, Matthew Fay, David A Fitzmaurice, Jenny Hislop, Karen Kearley, Susan Kirkpatrick, Daniel Lasserson, Jill Mollison, Nadeem Qureshi and Ly-Mee Yu

"Clinical and Cost-Effectiveness of Natriuretic Peptide Thresholds for Diagnosing Heart Failure in Primary Care" by Clare Taylor and Richard Hobbs.

"Enhanced Pediatric Respiratory Infection Surveillance (EEPRIS): A Community-Based Feasibility Cohort Study" and "Post Consultation Symptom Trajectories in Children Presenting to Primary Care with Acute Cough and Respiratory Tract Infection: Latent Class Analysis of a Prospective Cohort Study" Alastair Hay, Knut-Arne Wensaas, Niamh Maria Redmond, Sophie Turnbull, Hannah Christiansen, Hannah Thornton, Tim Peters, Peter S Blair and Jon Heron.

"Cochrane Review of Patient Reported Outcome Measures in the Routine Monitoring of Common Mental Health Disorders" Anthony R Kendrick, Magdy El-Gohary, Michael Moore and Beth Stuart.

Ashley Bryce will talk about her doctoral research on bacerial resistance to antibiotics in children with urinary tract infection.

Grace Turner will discuss the findings of her doctoral research in "Findings suggest a number of missed opportunities to reduce incidence of strokes. The next step for us is to build on this exploratory study and investigate the reasons for under prescribing, with a view to developing an intervention that can help bridge the gap."

Michael Moore will present "Secrets of My Research Success" - tips on what he considers important for success in primary care research.

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