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Funded by the NIHR School for Primary Care Research, one key output of the One in a Million study led by a team at the University of Bristol has been to create an archive of high quality video recordings, plus survey and electronic patient records data with permissions in place for reuse by other bonafide researchers.

Kathrina Connabeer is the first official user:

"I am a first year PhD student in the Social Psychology department at Loughborough University. I am one of a multidisciplinary team of postgraduate researchers in a Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) at Loughborough University, exploring ways of encouraging behaviour change to improve people's health. The focus of my own research is lifestyle advice to patients. There were a range of possibilities available for data collection, for example, in condition-led clinics, however what I really wanted to do was look at lifestyle advice in primary care. The ‘One in a Million Archive’ provided me with the opportunity to work with primary care consultations. The archive has offered a large corpus of high quality audio-visual recordings, as well as linked data. I am privileged to be the first user of this archive and I have found it extremely useful; as I’ve been able to identify numerous cases focusing on my phenomena of lifestyle advice." 

For more information about how to access the archive see: or contact the team: