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The aim of these workshops is to provide support for researchers to conduct meaningful Patient and Public involvement before applying for FR15 and FR16 funding.


The proposed workshops have been designed to bring together researchers and public contributors to discuss research interests and methodologies at the idea generation stage of funding applications. A further aim is to discuss issues around involving the public and patients in generating research questions and designing projects. We are able to support the most popular workshops, and as such need to gauge interest in each proposal.


The workshop proposals cover:

1. Clinical Trials - online recruitment and retention

2. Involving the public, patients and practitioners in general practice workforce research

3. Public involvement with Children and Young People in Primary Care Research

4. Research into Public Involvement: PPI in Quantitative research methodologies

5. Diversity in PPI in Primary Care

6. Patient and public priority setting for work research


Read the full abstracts here.

 Please read the abstracts, and use the following link to register your interest . The deadline for registering interest is Friday 5th May.  


For more information about any of the proposed workshops please contact Emma Palmer-Cooper The location and date of these workshops will be decided once the registration of interest deadline has passed.