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Congratulations to Dr Sophie Park, GP and Senior Lecturer in Primary Care at UCL, who was awarded the prize for best educational research presentation 2016 at SAPC in Dublin.

Sophie presented work, supported by the RCGP scientific fund, which aimed to determine what information patients would like about participation in general practice-based undergraduate teaching, and how they would like this to be made available. This project involved ST4s and medical education fellows (MEFs) from UCL primary care department. Sophie said:

“We now have a growing body of knowledge about patient participation in general practice medical education. We have conducted two significant pieces of work funded by the SPCR. The first was a BEME systematic review of general practice undergraduate medical education. This used meta-ethnography to produce two models from the existing literature about the interpersonal interactions between GP, patient and student in the teaching encounter; and developed the concept of patient territory in relation to general practice as a socio-cultural space for learning. A second study, Patient Participation in Undergradulate medical education in general practice (PatMed), used PPI to interpret and further develop the meta-ethnography models about patient and student participation in general practice-based teaching. This third study has produced knowledge specifically about what information patients would like about participation and how they would like this to be made available. The next stage we are now planning, is to develop a national resource – like INVOLVE for patients interested in participating in research – with resources for patients to access, and GPs to use and disseminate in their practices to inform patient involvement in teaching encounters.”

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