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A great line up of SPCR research is scheduled at this year's SAPC ASM including results from over thirty SPCR funded studies. In addition to the plenary and poster presentations, and elevator pitches, School members will be chairing sessions, workshops and special interest groups.

SIG leads include Rebecca Morris (Patient and public involvement and participatory research approaches in academic primary care); Ingrid Muller and Sarah Tonkin-Crine (Behaviour change); Sophie Park and Nada Khan (Education research); Jo Protheroe (Health Literacy); Gill Rowlands, Chris Salisbury (Personal care: Continuity of care); Fiona Stevenson (Interactive workshop with Roger Jones on getting qualitative research into print).

 Delegates can look forward to the following presentations:

Patricia Apenteng: The risk of venous thromboembolism in care home residents

Amy Blakemore: What motivates patients with COPD to engage in behaviour change?

Sarah Brien, George Lewith: Patient coping strategies in COPD across disease severity and quality of life: a qualitative study

Ashley Bryce: Investigating the prevalence of, and risk factors for, antimicrobial resistance in paediatric urinary bacteria

Ying Chen: Future diagnosis following recorded presentation of symptoms of breathlessness and wheeze in primary care.

Carol Coupland: Antidepressant use and risk of adverse outcomes in people aged 20 to 64

Christopher Elsey & Catherine Woods: The elicitation and management of multiple health concerns in GP consultations

Paula Dhiman What is the added value is of bone mineral density as a risk factor to fracture risk?

Hazel Everitt: What is the evidence for antidepressants for insomnia? Results of a  Cochrane systematic review.

Elisabeth Gennery: Understanding the presentation, content and management of patient concerns in GP consultations: a secondary analysis of video-data

Barbara Hanratty, Holly Standing – Could a frailty index enhance primary care for frail older adults at the end of life?

Toby Helliwell: Diagnostic and management challenges of polyalgia rheumatic (PMR) in general practice: a qualitative study

Jenny Hopwood: How can we best support family carers to care for their relative with dementia at the end of life?

Rachel Johnson:  How do patients with hypertension or chronic heart failure contribute to healthcare choices in consultations?

Tony Kendrick: Cochrane review of routine monitoring of common mental health disorders (CMHDs) using patient reported outcome measures (PROMs).

Kethakie Lamahewa: A longitudinal cohort study to identify prognostic factors associated with outcome in primary care attendees with unexplained physical symptoms.

Kethakie Lamahewa: Preferences for sources of support for management of symptoms amongst primary care attendees with unexplained physical symptoms.

Rosa Lau: Implementing Change to Improve Access in UK General Practice: A Mixed-methods Exploratory Case Study.

Jennifer Liddle: Exploring patient decision making around gout and diet: It’s just a great muddle when it comes to food.

Antje Lindenmeyer Qualitative study on primary care professionals’ perspectives on communication with recent migrants.

Amy O’Donnell: Are screening and brief alcohol interventions adequately embedded in routine primary care?

Rupert Payne. Maria Panagioti: Should we limit collaborative care for depression to those with chronic medical conditions?

Shoba Poduval: A pilot study of an online diabetes education program.

James Prior: Diagnostic delay for giant cell arteritis (GCA): a systematic review and meta-analysis

Sarah Purdy: How features of primary care influence self-referral to the Emergency Department: A storyboard

Ed Roddy: Treating acute gout in primary care.  A randomised non-inferiority trial comparing naproxen and low dose colchicine

Rachel Ryves: Feasibility study for a randomised controlled trial of patient reported outcome measures (PROMs) in the assessment and follow-up

Chris Salisbury: Quantitative testing of the primary care outcomes questionnaire.

Miriam Santer: Parents’ and carers’ views of topical corticosteroid use in childhood eczema.

Sarah Stevens will ask “How do GPs really measure blood pressure? Adherence to hypertension guidelines in practice.

James Sheppard: Self monitoring of blood pressure in patients with multi-morbidity (BO SMART-MM): an individual patient data meta-analysis.

Sharon Spooner: Square pegs vs round holes – a mismatch between what new doctors want and how they see general practice careers

Jaspal Taggar: Screening for atrial fibrillation – a cross sectional survey of healthcare professionals in primary care.

Peter Tammes: Can continuity of primary care decrease emergency care use?

Stephen Weng:  Can machine-learning algorithms enhance cardiovascular risk prediction using routinely collected primary care data?

Stephen Weng: Developing general practice and web-based toolkits for the familial hypercholesterolaemia case ascertainment tool (FAMCAT)

Stephen Weng: Improving Compliance to NICE guidelines for the Identification of Familial Hypercholesterolaemia in General Practice (FAMCHOL)

Emily Wersocki: What influences Gos' use of exercise for patients with chronic keen pain? 

Samantha Williams: Understanding antibiotic prescribing for respiratory tract infections in primary care out of hours services (The UNITE Study)

During the SAPC EC working group, Harm van Marwijk will be discussing primary care beyond the UK at the SAPC Early Careers Networking and Career Development day. Jenni Burt will talk on Postings from the Murky Depths: doing battle with the funding beast. Pete Bower and Joanne Reeve will talk about Primary Care Career Trajectories.

The Yvonne Carter Award for Outstanding Young Researcher 2016 award will be presented to Kamal Mahtani, GP and NIHR Academic Clinical Lecturer in General Practice, Deputy Director Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine, Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences.

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