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41 new projects have received funding to the tune of just over £1,570M in total this year. Studies from Funding Round 13 will commence no sooner than 1 April and complete no later than December 2018. We congratulate the successful award holders and look forward to seeing how these projects inform the development of larger grants a few years from now, watch this space.

The association between continuity of primary care and mortality and emergency hospitalisation for older patients with complex multimorbidity Simon Griffin
What are the barriers and facilitators when conducting CTIMPs in a primary care setting: experiences and lessons from the PROPS trial. Ricky Mullis
Getting a Better View of Osteoarthritis Trajectories and Variability (OA-TV): systematic reviews and stakeholder engagement Martin Thomas
Clinical system-generated alerts to improve GP practice for patients with low health literacy and numeracy: a feasibility study Gill Rowlands
Parents’ perceptions of Antibiotic USE and antibiotic resistance (PAUSE): a qualitative interview study Oliver van Hecke
Management of Patients with Heart Failure with Preserved Ejection Fraction: What do Patients and Providers Need and Want? Christi Deaton
Investigating the impact of the introduction of a named GP assigned to patients 75 and over on their continuity of care and emergency hospital admission Peter Tammes
Antibiotic Negotiations Conversation Analytic Project Geraldine Leydon
Quantifying severity of chronic conditions in English Primary Care using the Clinical Practice Research Datalink Evan Kontopantelis
Health and wellbeing of older adults in care homes: What can we learn from existing longitudinal studies? Barbara Hanratty
Development of simple risk models incorporating modifiable risk factors for the most common preventable cancers using EPIC-Norfolk Juliet Usher-Smith
Rheumatological and inflammatory conditions as risk factors for self-harm and suicide. A retrospective cohort study James Prior
Statin use in COPD patients and risk of exacerbations: a cohort study using data from English primary care Margaret Smith
Patient reported outcome measures for acne: mixed methods validation study. Beth Stuart
Non-pharmacological approaches to optimising vaccine effectiveness: the development of an effective and acceptable intervention for primary care Kieran Ayling
Prolonged Antibiotic Use, Inflammation and Obesity (PROBITY) - A Retrospective Cohort Study Mark Lown
Evaluation of the impact of the national ‘Safe At Home’ scheme on injury rates in children under 5 using secondary care data. Elizabeth Orton
Investigating the feasibility of a mobile mindfulness-based digital intervention for patients with asthma Ben Ainsworth
External Validation of the Familial Hypercholesterolaemia Case Ascertainment Tool (FAMCAT) Stephen Weng
Epidemiology of Sepsis in adults in Primary Care: an exploratory study using the Hampshire Health Record Michael Moore
Acceptability and feasibility of a new weight specific quality of life measure as a screening tool in primary care Yemi Oluboyede
‘I’m fine’: exploring patient and carer assertions of status in advanced COPD and clinical implications for primary care Robbie Duschinsky
Improving the diagnostic process for patients with bladder and kidney cancer: variations in pre-diagnostic clinical activities and events Yin Zhou
Investigating the possible role of Andrographis paniculata as a symptomatic intervention for acute respiratory tract infections: a qualitative study exploring the attitudes and beliefs of health professionals around the use of herbal medicines to treat acute respiratory tract infections (RTIs) Miriam Santer
Disease and healthcare usage in the 10th decade – Newcastle 85+ Study 10 year follow up. Rachel Duncan
Preventing depression in the community by voluntary sector providers Waquas Waheed
Management of anxiety and depression in frail older people: a qualitative study Rachael Frost
Subgrouping and TargetEd Exercise pRogrammes for OsteoArthritis: the role of comorbidity Melanie Holden
An investigation of factors which are associated with successful transitions from GP Specialty Training Programmes to long-term careers in NHS general practice Sharon Spooner
The effectiveness of CVD preventative treatment in a multi-morbid population Rachel Denholm
Body composition measurement and its prognostic value in aging and disease Carmen Piernas-Sanchez
Glucocorticoid induced complications in patients with polymyalgia rheumatica and giant cell arteritis Toby Helliwell
The feasibility of examining cardiovascular event rates with different add-on therapies to metformin for type 2 diabetes mellitus using primary care data through benchmarking results against randomised controlled trials. Manuj Sharma
Association of blood cholesterol and lipid-lowering treatments with post-stroke dementia: cohort studies using Clinical Practice Research Datalink and Cognitive Function and Ageing Studies Zhirong Yang
Project title: Is prevention better than cure: assessing dementia risk in primary care Louise Robinson
Population-calibrated inference for incomplete continuous variables via weighted multiple imputation Tra My Pham
Establishing research priorities to improve the management of patients with advanced heart failure using the James Lind Alliance method Clare Taylor
Exploring the barriers and facilitators to identifying anxiety disorders in primary care Maria Barnes
Identifying effective ways to increase the uptake of cessation support among smokers: systematic review and meta-analysis Joanne Emery
Managing malnutrition in later life: exploring the views and dietary practices of older people at risk of malnutrition and their carers Kalpa Kharicha

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