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Helen Atherton has been awarded the 2014 Yvonne Carter Award for Outstanding New Researcher from the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) Clinical Innovation & Research Centre (CIRC).

The award will be presented at the SAPC Annual Scientific Meeting in Edinburgh in July where Helen will be given the opportunity to introduce her work to the SAPC conference audience. 

Helen holds a fellowship from the NIHR SPCR to investigate the use of information and communication technologies for service delivery, and other health service delivery related projects.  

Read more about the award and from Helen on the RCGP website here.

I am thrilled to win the Yvonne Carter Award this year, not least because it celebrates the life of an inspirational leader. The award will enable me to travel to Denmark where the use of alternative methods of consultation are more widespread than in the UK. I hope this will provide valuable context and information that will be applicable in UK primary care. It will also allow me to build international research collaborations.

- Helen Atherton