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  • 1 April 2012 to 30 September 2015
  • Project No: 12
  • Funding round: FR 6
  • Clinical trials and databases Kidney disease

We will now test these important findings in people with mild CKD recruited from GP practices, identified by the results of routine blood tests. We will test whether this type of treatment compared to a dummy pill  (placebo) in a randomised double blind trial (people given either the study drug or the placebo   by play of chance and both the patient and doctor do not know who is taking what). We will examine whether the treatment reduce the occurence of serious cardiovascular events (eg strokes or heart attacks on follow up) or death and whether the tablets are safe in this group, and also whether the treatments improve, or stop the worsening of, kidney function, and whether there are measurable effects on cardiovascular disease markers (eg arterial stiffness). Safety is important as these drugs can occasionally cause side effects such as a raised potassium (salt) level and worsening of kidney function. If the trial shows this treatment is feasible, safe and has the expected beneficial effects, the results will have an important impact on the future treatment of many people.

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