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Over 50 million people in England are cared for by the NHS, and about 90% have their first NHS contact with a GP. However, primary care services, specifically UK general practice, are currently under considerable pressure. The NHS England GP Forward View advocates investing in and developing new models of care, however, these innovations should be underpinned by a robust evidence base. This stream of work will answer key questions to support the redesign of primary care. By systematically identifying and synthesising existing evidence, our work will support improved services for patients, clinicians and policymakers.

Planned Reviews

4.1 The impact of telephone triage on workload and quality in primary care: a realist review

Anne-Marie Boylan, Geoffrey Wong, Nia Roberts, Stephanie Tierney, Kamal Mahtani, Ruth Abrams, Sophie Park, Helen Atherton, Carl Heneghan

Lay summary Protocol

4.2 The role of care navigators in primary care: a realist review

Stephanie Tierney, Geoff Wong, Nia Roberts, Anne-Marie Boylan, Sophie Park, Ruth Abrams, Joanne Reeve, Veronika Williams, Kamal Ram Mahtani

Lay summary  Protocol

4.3 Primary health care community hubs: what do they look like? What are they aiming to do? Are there any data to suggest they are effective in their aims?

Lorna Duncan, Gene Feder, Chris Salisbury, Alyson Huntley, Sarah Purdy, Nia Roberts, Peter Bower, Michael Moore


4.4 Understanding the impact of delegated home visiting services accessed via general practice by community dwelling patients: a realist review protocol

Ruth Abrams, Geoff Wong, Nia Roberts, Kamal Mahtani, Stephanie Tierney, Anne-Marie Boylan, Sophie Park

Lay Summary


4.5 Which service innovations have been implemented into NHS primary care to reduce GP workload?

4.6 Barriers and facilitators to the implementation of an expanded NHS primary care workforce stakeholder enquiry

Veronika Williams, Geoff Wong, Sophie Park, Georgina Masters, Kamal R Mahtani

Lay Summary

4.7 Mental Health in Undergraduate students

Nathan Jeffreys, Geoff Wong, Ruth Abrams, Sophie Park

Lay Summary Protocol

4.8 Towards understanding GPs’ viewpoint on diagnosis postnatal depression in general practice: a realist evaluation 

Sriranjan, A., Abrams, R. Wong, G. and Park, S.

Lay Summary


Understanding the impact of delegated home visiting services accessed via general practice by community-dwelling patients: a realist review protocol. Ruth Abrams, Geoffrey Wong, Kamal Ram Mahtani, Stephanie Tierney, Anne-Marie Boylan, Nia Roberts, Sophie Park. BMJ Open. Health services research protocol. Volume 8 Issue 11

 Workstream leads

Chris Salisbury (Bristol) Gene Feder (Bristol), Kamal Mahtani (Oxford)