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  • 1 April 2020 to 31 March 2021
  • Project No: 465
  • Funding round: FR19

Bridging Gaps was initiated by a group of Bristol women with multiple traumas and complex needs including addiction, homelessness, mental health, sex work, domestic and sexual violence and poverty. These women have developed this study collaboratively with GP surgeries, the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), the charity One25, and University of Bristol primary care researchers. Their aim is to improve access to primary healthcare for other women who are experiencing these issues.

Trauma-informed approaches recognise how trauma has affected people (both service users and staff) and aim to improve services to ensure that care does not re-traumatise. Through this project, we will blend and mobilise knowledge from these women, alongside research about trauma-informed approaches in primary care, to co-design and pilot more accessible and effective primary care services for women with complex needs. Together, Bridging Gaps will support women to:

  • Develop and pilot trauma-informed service improvements within three GP surgeries to create environments, systems and relationships that promote recovery, prevent re-traumatisation and increase access.
  • Design a training package for GPs (qualified and in-training) and receptionists on trauma-informed approaches to be piloted in 3 GP surgeries.
  • Study how to bring together research evidence and people’s knowledge from lived experience to co-design trauma-informed interventions.
  • Share this work with 1) other researchers in the national SPCR, CAPC and ARCs and 2) the CCG and others working with people with complex needs.

Over the past nine months, One25 has already noted the “amazing” impact this research-user collaboration is having on these women and their recovery. Bridging Gaps won two Great Practice Awards 2020 for ‘Inspiring Change’ and facilitating ‘Independent futures’ by the Bristol partnership Golden Key. By funding this pioneering study, SPRC will continue this work and be investing in improving the lives some of the most abused and disadvantaged in our society.


Lucy Potter, Lesley Wye, Helen McGeown, Tracey Stone, Natalia Lewis, Jeremy Horwood, Helen Cramer (Bristol)


Amount awarded: £30 000.00

Projects by themes

We have grouped projects under the five SPCR themes in this document

Evidence synthesis working group

The collaboration will be conducting 18 high impact systematic reviews, under four workstreams.