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  • 1 October 2018 to 31 July 2020
  • Project No: 437
  • Funding round: FR17

We have already received funding to conduct an initial trial (the ‘CUTI’ trial) in which women will be divided into different treatment groups to test whether cranberry capsules can help treat urinary tract infections (UTIs). The main aim of this initial trial is to test whether the way we plan to do this research works and is acceptable to the women who take part (this is called a ‘feasibility trial’). This will help us to plan a similar but bigger trial with the main aim of clearly telling us whether cranberry capsules can actually treat UTIs, reducing the need for antibiotics.

In order to help us understand better how to run the bigger trial successfully, in addition to comparing measurable data from the initial feasibility trial (e.g. the number of people in each group who required antibiotics), we also need to explore data that cannot be measured (e.g. how women feel about taking part in the feasibility trial). The best way to do this is through interviews (this is called ‘qualitative research’).

We will interview some women who take part in the initial feasibility trial, as well as some women who do not participate in the initial feasibility trial but who have experience of UTIs. We will ask them to tell us about their experience of having UTIs, what makes them go to their doctor for help with UTIs, what they think about ways other than antibiotics of treating UTIs, and (if applicable) what they thought about taking part in the initial feasibility trial.

Putting together all of this information, including the measurable data from the initial feasibility trial, will help us to understand what could be improved in the initial feasibility trial and will help us to plan the bigger trial. 

Amount awarded: £15 000

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