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The first SPCR online webinar series has come to an end. If you attended any session, or would like to have input in the School's future training programme, please complete the evaluation form:

Past events

20 April

Introduction to mixed methods research: what’s in the mix?
Delivered by: Kelly Birtwell

22 March

Co-production in Action: Improving Access to Trauma-Informed Primary Care
Delivered by: Michelle Farr

19 March

Oxford University - The Conversation media training
Delivered by: Paul Keaveny

11 March                          

Diversifying Patient & Public Involvement: a showcase of SPCR funded projects

Summary of the event

16 Feb

Diversity in research participation
Delivered by: Tanvi Rai, Victoria McGowan, Paula Wray

Recording and slides available

21 & 22 January

Implementation and Impact training
Delivered by: Keele Impact Accelerator Unit

13 January

Building a career in applied health research (and having a life): a personal perspective

Delivered by: Eileen Kaner

8 December

Applying for NIHR funding
Delivered by: Nicola Melody (NIHR)

Presentation slides

NIHR Academy website

1 December

A practical introduction to mindfulness 
Delivered by:Kelly Birtwell

Supporting mindfulness resources

24 November

Prognosis Research
Delivered by: Danielle van der Windt

12 November

Adapting Research to the reality of Covid-19. 
Delivered by: Richard McManus
6 November

Introduction to qualitative research. 
Delivered by: Charlotte Albury & Catherine Pope 

23 October 

How to implement a virtual programme for Patient and Public Involvement. 
NIHR Academy and Esther van Vliet.

Recording available

14 September

Funding Strategies, Grant Writing Skills & RDS support. 
Delivered by: Christie Cabral

Recording available


Past elevator pitches

7 December

Elevator Pitch: Session 7. 
Facilitator: Elizabeth Murray
Laura Swaithes, Ben Bowers, Johanne Dow, Alexandra Jager, Anna Stevenson, Aaron Poppleton

3 December

Elevator Pitch: Session 6. 
Facilitator: Oliver van Hecke
Elizabeth Morris, Michael Harrison, Helen Twohig, Ananya Namdeo, Magdalena Nowakowska

26 November

Elevator Pitch: Session 5.
Facilitator: Fiona Walter
Faraz Mughal, Laurie Davies, Kieran Ayling, Nicola Small, Georgia Richards, Asli Kalin

23 November

Elevator Pitch: Session 4.
Facilitator: Alyson Huntley.
Jamie Ross, Daniel Stow, Ralph Kwame Akyea, Katie Saunders, Emma Clare Kilgour, Samantha Hornsey

11 November                             

Elevator pitch: Session 3. 
Facilitator: Mark Lown.

Kym Snell, Charlotte Ford, Rebecca Dennison, Ashley Hammond

4 November

Elevator pitch: Session 2. 
Facilitator: Nadeem Qureshi
Charles Hay, Ian Bennet-Britton, Samya Sarfaraz, Beth Bareham, Sophie Hollerbach

21 October

Elevator pitch: Session 1. 
Facilitator: Hazel Everitt
Rachel Dewar-Haggart, Paul Pascall Jones, Bethan Treadgold, Chris Stevens, Kelly Birtwell