The School would like to congratulate Professor Christian Mallen who was elected a Fellow of the RCGP on 15 May, for his contributions to research into the diagnosis and prognosis of musculoskeletal disorders to improve patient care in a general practice setting.

Christian, SPCR board member and training lead, also received the prestigious John Fry Award from the RCGP. The John Fry Award is presented to a Member or Fellow of the College who has promoted the discipline of General Practice through research and publishing as a practising GP. The  award is particularly for people who undertake research as a practising GP early on in their career and within 20 years of qualification as a GP. According to RCGP Honorary Secretary, Professor Amanda Howe, Christian shows "a breadth of achievement - combining being a GP principal, and active member of his department at Keele, a supervisor and mentor to other primary care researchers, and a host of teaching and leadership roles that denote the expertise he has already established in the higher education world."

But there is another side of Christian that has also made him one of the most respected and loved GP researchers of his generation. He has committed to causes beyond his own career and locality, working very hard to support the development of academic capacity and careers in primary care through national routes such as his membership of the SAPC Executive and links with the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR). - Prof. Amanda Howe

In 2011, Professor Mallen was the first recipient of the Yvonne Carter Award and has proved to be an inspiration to young researchers within the School for Primary Care Research. SPCR Fellow Helen Atherton received the award earlier this year, see news story here.

Completed SPCR funded project 'The course and prognosis of comorbid depressive and anxiety symptoms in older people with osteoarthritis'.