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The SPCR funded Parent's Choices About Daycare (PiCARD) study explored the complex decision-making involved in whether to send sick children to Nursery.

The research, published in The Journal of Public Health by researchers at the University of Bristol, reports that parents viewed coughs and colds as less serious and not as contagious as sickness and diarrhoea symptoms. This resulted in many parents sending their child to daycare with a respiratory tract infection (RTI), which can result in the spread of similar illnesses in the wider community. Read the press release from the Centre for Academic Primary Care (CAPC).

Factors influencing parents’ decision-making when sending children with respiratory tract infections to nursery. Fran E. CarrollLeila RooshenasAmanda Owen-SmithHareth Al-JanabiSandra HollinghurstAlastair D. Hay.