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Multimorbidity is one of the biggest challenges facing healthcare. In recent years, a succession of research studies have shown that people with multiple health problems are more likely to have a worse quality of life, worse mental health and reduced life expectancy.

A partnership and panel event to support School for Primary Care Research (SPCR) FR15/16 applications.

Between 12th-14th July I had the opportunity to attend the Eighth NIHR Doctoral Training Camp in Leeds. This three-day camp involved meeting and working with other trainees from Research Centres and Schools within the NIHR.

In a move to promote best practice in public involvement, the SPCR has funded six pilot ‘pre-grant’ involvement workshops to support potential FR15 and FR16 funding bids.

I heard about this workshop after helping out Bethany Bareham at a training event for PGR students in Newcastle University (read about it here). I found one of the issues raised in that event with regards to how to engage with a bigger variety of people during PPI activities fascinating.

Two individuals are paid for by the SPCR to attend the Oxford Leadership Programme every year. This year researchers Drs Alyson Huntley and Sarah Tonkin-Crine attended the first week of events at St Hughes' College, Oxford, this year. This is what they had to say: