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Dr Juliet Usher-Smith, Clinical Lecturer at the Primary Care Unit at the University of Cambridge has been awarded a Cancer Research UK (CRUK) Prevention Fellowship of almost £450k for her research entitled 'Developing a very brief intervention to promote behaviour change for cancer prevention in primary care.'

It is estimated that approximately 40% of cases of cancer are attributable to lifestyle factors and her research will focus on whether providing information on future cancer risk to individuals can help encourage lifestyle change and how best to incorporate such information into routine practice. Juliet explains how she achieved the award and her research plans here.

I have no doubt that having been awarded the SPCR award strengthened my application and both feed into my long-term aim to find ways to incorporate risk scores for cancer into routine primary care." - Dr Juliet Usher-Smith

Juliet's School funded plans to validate existing risk scores for developing cancer and report the performance metrics for those models. With the CRUK award, Juliet will develop a very brief intervention to incorporate risk scores for developing cancer into primary care.