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The Southampton Primary Medical Care group held its 5th annual PCPS PhD Research Conference on 21 January.

Presentations were given by eleven students across topics such as coffee consumption and liver health, attitudes around long-term antidepressant use, experiences of active surveillance for prostate cancer, perceptions of acne treatment, and sleep problems in children. Of the eleven, five are currently SPCR funded students: Rachel Dewar-Haggart, Bethan Treadgold, Athena Ip, Samantha Hornsey and Douglas Hardman. View the programme

The conference highlighted the variety of quantitative and qualitative methods used to conduct research within the department. Students were given the opportunity to network over lunch with the  audience, and further discuss their research. The event was extremely successful, and gave the students a great opportunity to share their  research ideas and receive feedback in front of a mixed audience of fellow students, supervisors, and PCPS staff.   

About the Primary medical care group

The Southampton Primary Medical Care group offers a broad spectrum of expertise in both methodologies and clinical topic areas. They attract graduates from all these disciplines to carry out postgraduate research. Students have at least 2 PhD supervisors with expertise in the field and have robust training including research methods, statistics and epidemiology and research ethics and governance.